8 Classic & Luxe Ideas to Create a VIP Experience for Guests

Truth: Guests give life to events. It is the guests and the collective energy of their respective vibes, personalities, laughter, and joie de vivres,  who make the hard work and hustle of planning come to life. So roll out the red carpet — figuratively or literally — and make them feel like a movie star.

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Whether you have a large budget or are operating on a smaller level, these tips will make your guests feel appreciated. Here are 8 classic and luxe ideas to create that VIP experience for guests: 

  1. Get people talking. Start hinting at it on social media. This form of promotion is even better if it’s a secretive event. Create a catchy hashtag leading up to the event so guests will want to use it when the actual event happens.
  2. Make them feel like they’re in the know — even before they arrive. Give them insider information. If your guests think they know something everyone else doesn’t, they’ll immediately feel more like a VIP.
  3. Create an enviable guest list that everyone is talking about. Invite people who will create the buzz. Socialites, influencers, philanthropists, local celebrities, and even politicians can make the event feel more exclusive.
  4. Pay special attention to the details. Personalize greetings and mementos. Prep your team members about guests beforehand so they can greet them when they arrive. If guests feel personally welcome from the start, they will be more excited about the rest of the event.
  5. Serve a signature welcome drink. Offer a light and beautiful signature welcome drink once guests arrive. This eliminates the need for guests to visit the bar as soon as they step through the door, and makes for an easier transition into the event.
  6. Treat them like they are the most important person in the world. This may sound like a no-brainer, but you should treat each guest like he or she is the only one that matters. It doesn’t matter if they’re a popular Instagram influencer or a fledgling startup founder, give them your utmost attention, no question.
  7. Hire a best-in-the-world videographer and photographer. Having professionals in attendance to document the event will instantly elevate the experience. Plus, guests can look back on the occasion  and share imagery with their networks on social media.
  8. Always offer to-and-from transportation or valet parking options. Guests want to have a good time, so make the transportation aspect easy for them. Transportation to and from the event also safeguards against drunk driving.

The keys to the VIP treatment at any level of entertainment? It’s service and attention. A little VIP treatment can go a long way. If you put your guests’ wants and needs at the center of your event planning, they’ll be talking about it long after the party.

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