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Data Sheet: 3 Reasons (+ 35 Stats) Why Guest Experience is Everything

By Eric Murphy, Founder & Managing Director

Last Thursday, released our inaugural data sheet, Event Professionals Must Invest in the Guest Experience: Three Reasons (and 35 Statistics) Why Customer Experience Determines Your Event's Success. We created it to help event professionals understand...

  • Why you must invest in the customer experience for events
  • How the guest experience produces tangible business results
  • What changes to your event will make your guests feel like VIPs

Download as a PDF


Today, with the event industry’s focus on automation and self service, human touch is considered a luxury. We’ve been taught for years that event guests want the latest technology! They want to control their experiences! They want true autonomy, thank you! Sure, they want the option to be self sufficient, but when questions arise and plans need to be validated, your guests want to interact with a real, live, breathing person. 

Why? Because it’s comforting. Because it’s engaging. Because it’s personal. Because customers are human themselves. We often hear event professionals say that the human touch is an event element that they know is important, but an additional line item they can’t afford. However, to produce successful events, to attract return guests as well as new ones, and to see ROI on all the hard work and months of planning, how can you afford not to? 

At, our technological backbone is key, but it’s the quality of the person-to-person interface, backed up behind-the-scenes by our technology, that keeps our clients (and, more importantly, their guests!) happy and coming back for more. Explore the facts and statistics in our data sheet to get a better understanding of the importance of customer experience management (CXM) on the ground at events, then ask yourselves — Are you hiring and training the right people? Are you invoking customer service at every touchpoint, from the initial event invite to the final thank you message? Are you getting in front of communication issues before they become larger, full scale problems?

Download the complete data sheet at the top of the page to discover why the demand for event marketing only continues to grow and how your business will benefit from it. From potential partnerships at summer festivals, building your own VIP event experiences, to event check-in upgrades, there are limitless possibilities for your business in the event marketing world.


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