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Make Your Events More Impactful. Here's How...

By Eric Murphy, Founder & Managing Director


My parents had the ultimate record collection when I was a kid. I think back to when I was in elementary school and it’s the music that I remember the most. Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, Supertramp, Pablo Cruise, Paul McCartney, Eagles, Elton John, Queen, and Steely Dan are just a few artists/groups that come to mind. Oh, and Journey, Stevie Nicks, Linda Ronstadt, Jackson Browne, and John Cougar (Mellencamp)...


Now I know not everyone loves music, which seems strange, but it’s true. However, I would argue that music is one of the most important elements of life’s experiences. Imagine your favorite movie without the music, or a football game without blasting interstitials of party/pump-up songs. A road trip, a red-eye flight, your daily commute, a wedding, or a funeral. Music transcends every experience in life and every culture in the world. Music, as they say, is the universal language.

Knowing all of this, I can’t tell you how many events I’ve gone to where the music was an afterthought.
I get it. There’s SO much that goes into an event that music seems kind of irrelevant in comparison. As long as there’s something playing, it will be fine. Wrong. There are many, many reasons to get the music right. There’s the obvious considerations around your attendees' ages, cultural influences, possibly gender (I know, we’re moving toward a genderless world, but I can tell you men and women often have VERY different tastes in music), and the type of event. They all play a role.
But then there are the nuances of having the right music:
  • How can you use music to shape the experience for each guest?
  • What do you want them to feel at your event?
  • How can music provide a cohesive thread throughout the event?
  • What moments do you want your guests to remember?
  • Why am I asking so many questions?
Let me ask you a few more. Have you ever seen Coldplay perform “Fix You?" Have you ever heard the dry vocals of Freddie Mercury singing “Another One Bites The Dust?" Have you ever listened to your favorite songs in a dark room with your eyes closed?
While planning your event, consider:
  • What kind of music will give your guests all the feels?
  • How will you change the music throughout the event to set the right tone?
  • How loud will the music be when people arrive?
  • How will you use music like exclamation points to create amazing memories?
Why am I asking so many questions? To make you stop and think! So next time you’re thinking about venue selection, invitations, production, catering, florals, décor, linens, A/V, lighting, specialty cocktails, load-in, loud-out, run of show, stage management, permits, and coat check, don’t forget to slow down and make your events more impactful by CURATING the music.
It’s never been easier with platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, or Amazon Music. Take your pick. All of them give you the tools to discover and select the right music, create playlists, and assemble the experience you want your guests to have. Once you’ve chosen the music, plot out how you will use the music to enhance the experience. Do you remember the song that was playing when... [fill in the blank with many of life’s most memorable moments]? Of course you do.

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