The first, and most simple, element to remember is being a VIP is a credential and these guests desire and deserve to stand out among the crowd. Easy upgrades like a different colored name badge or RFIP bracelet, better seating, and goodie bags highlight these guests will have the others asking “how did you get that!?” and they can boast of their VIP status. This may seem trivial, but wanting to feel this level of significance is a basic human desire and not very hard to accomplish.

Next, VIP tickets should offer a better view. Whether your guests are attending a concert, a sporting event, or a corporate conference, the premium experience access reigns supreme. Second to an incredible view should be premium bathrooms (with soap! Flushing toilets! Air conditioning!), comfortable seating, shade (if its largely outdoors), free, unlimited snacks and drinks, and exclusive meet and greets with high profile performers or special guests. 

Here is our list of VIP event experiences actually worth the ticket price (Hint: Not Fyre Festival):